Operational Excellence

Companies do not always have the resources needed to develop more efficient and productive systems and operations. Yet continuous improvements in these areas, implementation of best practices, facility optimization and reporting systems are crucial to drive operational improvement, increased EBITDA and increased cash flow. At Summit Group Partners, our operating executives are experienced at achieving significant gains for our clients in these particular areas. We utilize a formal, three-stage process to evaluate the business model and identify opportunities for improvements. A BLITZ assessment is conducted for every functional area, product and service, including benchmarking various metrics against industry norms and best-in-class analytics from other industries. The assessment results in the presentation of alternative paths and the expected improvements and returns from each path. In addition a “quick hit” list is defined, which identifies items that, if implemented, will create immediate value. Summit Group Partners can be engaged for any or all of the three stages from assessment to plan development and finally implementation. Throughout the process reporting systems will be implemented to measure both short-term and long-term success -- assuring each client an acceleration of sustainable change.


Operational Assessments and Improvements

Business Plan Review
Business Analytics Including Competitive Benchmarking
Functional Department Evaluation
Identification of Current Best Practices
Define Actionable Quick Hits
Plan Development - Short and Mid-Range Actions and Results
Implementation Plan Including Charters and Owners
Measure and Report


Cash Management

Expense Control
Receivable Management
Budgeting and Forecasting


Business Management

Reporting Systems
Balance scorecard
Business analytics
Management reporting systems
Planning systems
Human Resources Review

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